The first international chefs agency

Chefservices, the chefs agency that represents the most prestigious top-star professional and TV chefs nationally and internationally, we can offer the faces and the experts you need for your perfect performance!

They focus on the food, beverage and equipment industry. For this reason, we are the ideal partner and they offer the following services:

· Brand ambassadors. We find the perfect image for your products and services.
· Digital actions. TV commercials and videos for YouTube channels or micro sites and content publications.
· Image campaign. Conceptualisation and implementation of your marketing campaign.
· Gastronomic events. Though our chefs we help our clients to enhance, gain notoriety and position their brand.
· Recipe development. Creation and development of recipes for restauranteurs or suppliers.
· Gastronomic consulting. Gastronomic advice for hotels, restaurants and manufacturers.

We have a large selection of the most outstanding talents currently in the field of gastronomy nationally and internationally. Our chefs thrill, inspire and are admired. Through them you can improve the positioning of your brand. That’s why we help our clients to select the chef with the ideal profile for each situation. As a result we find the perfect image for your products and / or services.