Tega. Gestió Ambiental, Activos Industriales y CRT

Tega Gestió Ambiental are specialists in advice and comprehensive management of industrial waste, industrial cleaning and raw material recovery.

The professional team that integrates Tega offers a proven experience in the field of environmental management, providing innovative solutions to industries and limiting the costs they bear in these concepts.

Throughout these years we have worked with a wide variety of clients. Their potential customers are all those companies located in Spain, producers of large or small extent of industrial waste who want to reduce their costs in this area and those who want to get a higher economic return on their recoverable materials.

We work with all kinds of industries such as Aerospace, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Metal Mechanics, Solar Energy, Construction, Chemistry, Plastics, Electronics, Telecommunications and IT, Automotive, Real Estate, Intangible Assets, Packaging, Graphic Arts, Food, etc…