Refugi Gall Fer

Capercaillie Refuge

Refugi Gall Fer (capercaillie refuge) located in an incomparable setting such as the Natural Park of the Alt Pirineu, with Nordic ski circuits that run through a forest of great natural and scenic beauty, one of the most extensive and important in Catalonia. The Virós forest is distinguished by the richness of its flora and fauna, also housing a rich historical heritage, linked to centuries of iron exploitation. Its lush flora, composed mainly of firs, oaks, hazels, poplars and pines, also boasts the only beech forest in Pallars Sobirà. Hidden among the trees of the forest live deer, chamois, roe deer, golden eagles, badgers, and even the Gall Fer (capercaillie), an endangered species.

Each season has its charm in the forest of Virós. In autumn, the forest is adorned with wonderful oranges, reds, yellows and browns that are mixed with the green tones of pines and firs. In winter, cross-country ski runs and other activities, such as snowshoeing and dog sledding, predominate. Spring and summer give way to adventure sports with mountain bike circuits or great excursions.

The base of the station is the Refugi Gall Fer (capercaillie refuge) located at a height of 1,700 m, a small restored building, with guard, very cozy and equipped with the sale of ski passes, cafeteria bar, meals, overnight stay (40 places) and equipment rental. It offers alternative proposals for activities, routes and mountain skiing, all to get to know and enjoy the valley in its purest state.

Access to the station is by asphalt road originating in the village of Araós to the huts of Viròs (4.5 km) then you have to enter the forest track towards Pla de Buiro (2 km) and then follow the track to the RGF (4 km).