Manresa Shoulder Unit


The Manresa Shoulder Unit offers rapid diagnosis, intervention and aftercare, with a national and international reputation for exemplary treatment of all shoulder and elbow problems. Common conditions and procedures treated at MSU include frozen shoulder, rotator cuff disease, shoulder replacement and arthritis of the elbow and shoulder.

The Unit is led by top orthopaedic upper limb surgeons. They are supported by world class operating theatres, physiotherapy and imaging. Our aim is to be the best facility available for patients looking for treatment for all shoulder and elbow problems.

We offer expert repair of your shoulder injuries and conditions, using the most appropriate methods for your case. Our Consultants have experience performing thousands of surgeries and will advise you of the most appropriate treatment option to achieve the best possible outcome and lowest chance of recurrence.

The MSU is fully equipped to surgically and conservatively manage shoulder and elbow disorders utilising the latest techniques and state of the art technology. Our Consultants are specialists in keyhole surgery which has shorter and less painful recovery times than conventional open surgery.

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, injury is painful and debilitating. At MSU we have a comprehensive team which include physiotherapists, orthopaedic surgeons and rheumatologists recognising that occasionally you might need the support of a team to get you back on the go.